CUT photography with “on location” support is committed to organizing anything you need for a successful and cost friendly shoot! close up team is a full service production company!

Services include: crew, locations, permits, equipment, vehicles, props, catering, customs, hotel specials, castings.

Fluent in: english, german, spanish, catalan, french and dutch!

“Close up team” is your First Class Production Company in Spain and Portugal

Brought together by enthusiasm, our two founding partners, Felipe and Olaf, decided to establish their own photo and video production company. After working hand in hand on a couple of joint projects and cherishing their harmonic cooperation, they started their new project in 2012. “Close Up Team” was brought to life.

At CUT we love photos. This is our passion and the spirit that powers us day by day. With a simple click of the camera, our team is able to capture the essence of the moment and transmit it in every frame or photo. We enrich our work with an essence that can only originate from love, dedication and professional experience as photographers during years.

Independent Production Company with soul

Our name reflects our philosophy. CUT will be by your side throughout the entire production process (including the “pre” production phase), and you will enjoy the time we work together. Our methodology guarantees us to exceed your expectations. CUT is close to your team, close to your location, close to your budget, close to everything you need.

As a First Class production company, we put our whole soul into our work. This is our trademark and makes us different from the others. We were born as an alternative, the very opposite of large and impersonal production companies.


Close up team feels intensively connected with the environment of the balearics and cares deeply for the future of our planet. Accordingly, we support the ondine association, which strives to protect the balearics marine ecosystems by combining scientific research and the efforts of local communities. Together, we can safeguard the beauty of the balearic archipelago.

CUT - Close Up Team - Felipe Calafat

Felipe Calafat

Co-Founder / Executive Producer
CUT - Close Up Team - Olaf de Swaaf

Olaf de Swaaf

Co-Founder / Executive Producer
CUT - Close Up Team - Rosa Aymat Gual de Torrella

Rosa Aymat Gual de Torrella

Location manager

 +34 620 69 49 36

CUT - Close Up Team - Carolina de Sousa

Carolina de Sousa Expósito

CUT - Close Up Team - Estefanía Pereyra Mormando

Estefanía Pereyra Mormando